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Confidentiality and independence

In our work we comply with all conditions relating to confidentiality of data, in accordance with the policy and requirements of our client and positive legislation. We have developed a system of internal rules, which are strictly applied in order to complete the protection of confidential data submitted from the client. Also, we try in all aspects of our business to be independent in relation to the clients. In this way, objectivity and independence in provision of services is guaranteed.

Quality of service

The success of our business can only be achieved through contentment of our clients.

Access to customers is guided by honesty, integrity and responsibility. In building business relationships with clients, we are guided by the highest legal and ethical standards.

Quality service and positive approach in solving all problems of clients is the responsibility of each of our employees.Service should fully satisfy a client, which leads to mutual trust and respect.

Service should fully satisfy a client, which leads to mutual trust and respect.

VM KOD has the following adopted procedures and written documents:

Permanent education and monitoring of current regulations and issues enables us to high quality services. Constant checking and comparing of previously provided services results in improved service quality, which represent the basis for progress and development of our company.

Social responsibility

An important element in making business decisions is our social responsibility and promotion of social engagement.

We respect all internationally recognized human rights and freedoms, applying high standards of business management and provide safe and healthy working environment.

We are equal opportunity employer. The only criterion for promotion and development of employees is the quality execution of tasks. We respect employees' rights and provide safe revenue and other personal income.

Environmental protection

Our service in no way endanger the safety of clients and we are fully committed to preservation of the environment.

We promote rational use of materials and resources such as water, electricity, office supplies and other resources, especially those who are non-renewable.

We avoid usage of hazardous materials and products, especially those that may have adverse effect on human health and the environment.

We recommend environmental protection policy to all of our clients.