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By reviewing the business opportunities of clients and providing a quality services, VM KOD aims to create added value for its clients and their business.

We are ready to offer you advice, help you understand the essence and offer appropriate solutions.

Business Advisory (Transaction Services, Company Restructuring, Business/Investment plans and other services) encompasses:

VM Kod also performs services of economic-financial valuation – evaluation of values:

Quality assessment may provide payment or getting the right price in the transaction. VM Kod provides services in the field of assessment of capital and property. Well prepared and clearly documented conclusions regarding the value, help our clients in understanding of income, the value of work and / or tax consequences. Valuation may also help to streamline the client's strategy on the right way, strengthen the position that owns or protect the investment.

Tax advisory and Consulting

The tax system in Montenegro is a subject to a various interpretations and frequent changes, and in certain segments is unclear.

VM Kod with tax consulting provides full support to clients who are just starting their business, directing them to their first steps, as well as the companies with complex activities.

It is almost impossible, that you, in addition to your ongoing activities, follow and know each of the relevant laws and sub regulations, although not acting in accordance with them pulls a misdemeanour, and often criminal responsibility. Our employees are always informed about current changes and peculiarities of each branch of business.

Tax consulting services relates to:

Accounting and Business Support Services

Through our services, we help you to achieve your business goals.

We can rearrange your financial and accounting processes, performing them for you or with you, depending on your needs.

Our accounting services include the following:

Our business support services comprise:

Market research in the economic field, marketing and economic design

Market researches are invaluable resource for any business that wants to reach a high level of satisfaction of customer needs and maximization of profit.

Market research involves gathering of data that already exists either from internal sources of the client, publications of governmental and non-governmental institutions, on the internet, in professional newspapers and magazines, in annual reports of companies and commercial databases.

The required data are collected using questionnaires, telephone surveys, fax and/or e-mail surveys, then using the in-depth interviews, focus groups and monitoring.

Clear defining of marketing strategies and goals and preparation of appropriate marketing plans and policies represents the most important step in presenting companies and organisations to the public.

Economic design is based on research of scientific achievements and certain areas of arts, tracking and analyzing economic trends and analyzing and testing of economic needs of the business environment in order to adjust a quality of offer to a client and achieving of business successes.