VM KOD Ltd Podgorica (“VM KOD”) operates as a society for auditing, economic and legal consulting.

An audit is a process which by applying international accounting standards and audit methodology provides an independent opinion on the credibility of the client's accounting records, as well as independent opinion about whether the financial statements that are subject of an audit are objective and in compliance with national and / or international regulations.

Economic and legal consulting that we are providing is related to:

For the purpose of continuing support to the client, performance of certain consulting services can be contracted also on a monthly basis.

VM KOD represents a business approach that is based on a complete understanding of demands and needs of clients and other interested parties. Services are running up efficiently and effectively in order to achieve appropriate solutions and business success.

By offering our services VM code aims to promotes true values of the business and assist business development and business environment. VM KOD promotes international standards of business.

We strive to provide excellence and value. We set the highest possible performance standards. We innovate to create efficient solutions and make the best use of scarce resources.

Staff employed in VM KOD has the following specialist titles and licenses:

With a view to more complete presentation, we would like to emphasize that VM KOD employees has significant experience in previous business engagements in providing various business and other services to various clients. Also, we understand the specific challenges and potentials caused by market and development.

Aside to its own personnel capacities, VM KOD has developed a wide network of associates, experts of different profiles who are available to join us for particular task. We share the same values and the same dedication to the priorities of our clients.