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VM KOD promotes international business standards. We strive to provide quality and value.

VM KOD provides advices and assistance to companies, intermediaries and public institutions in order to reduce their risks improve their results and create value.

VM KOD can offer you following special services:

Design and implementation of development projects in accordance with international rules and guidelines

Our staff is trained to perform the preparation and creation of project and tender documentation for donor projects in accordance with the rules and guidelines of donors and international organizations (EU, UNHCR, UNDP,..). Also, the audit team of VM Kod can perform control of implementation of these projects.

Translation and preparation of business documents into English

Preparation of tender documentation and various business documents (contracts, statutes, regulations and other general acts) in English language and professional translation of documents from English to Montenegrin language, and vice versa.

Counselling in the field of club licensing in accordance with UEFA regulations

We have a good knowledge of the UEFA rules and procedures: regulations governing the club licensing system for the club competitions organized by UEFA, the guidelines of the financial fair play, reporting on the basis of future financial information, the application of the required forms.

Our professionals are familiar with specifics of football operations and regularly monitor changes related to UEFA regulations.

Institutional and financial capacity assessment of entities

For the purposes of donors and investors we perform the assessment of financial and institutional capacities of different subjects in accordance with required guidelines and / or based on best practices.

Forensic expertises for economic and financial area

We provide forensic expertise services and representation before the courts related to economic and financial profession.

Consulting services on a monthly basis

For the purpose of continuing support to a client, we provide certain consulting services concerning current operation, on a monthly basis.